Advanced Technical Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics

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Big money projects need a lot of hype to justify their existence

But is bigger really better? The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest and most powerful particle collider, built* by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was superfluous, regarding our research, for we were able to conduct our entire experiment, whilst satisfying the parameters of the research at Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Uppsala Biomedical Centre BMC, Stockholm University, Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge BioNut and House of Science Alba Nova University Centres premises and Laboratory equipment.


Our research and development are based on more than 15,000 hours of observation, the development of applicable viable theories and sustained experimentation. The total reactor cost was below €200.000.


The content revealed within this website demonstrates conclusively the high level of research achieved and fully disseminates the pertinent details that are applicable to this research as well as what you need to know about us


*The direct total LHC project cost was €3.1bn for the accelerator.


Platinum can be mass produced as a by-product of a LENR reaction.

New evidence has revealed a credible methodology for creating Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).

A discovery of several elements whose presence was clearly unexpected occurred. Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) was used to identify the chemical characteristics in combination with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Hafnium, Rhenium etc. were discovered in the substance. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) was used to identify the atomic properties. Pictures above. Spectrum of Platinum.


The Science Delusion

Some justifiable criticism must be directed toward the Scientific community. Suppression of basic freedoms and rational scientific thinking has decreased over the past several hundred years. However, now, it would appear that there is an apparent change that is once again threatening intellectual integrity.

Certain reactionaries who are committed to maintaining their own vested interests are counteracting and impeding the development and introduction of new superior technologies. Basic human rights and freedoms are therefore being exposed to unacceptable violations. 


It is totally unacceptable that new concepts and ideas are refuted when they happen to not be in compliance with the Scientific Establishment’s prevailing opinion and interests.

For many centuries, the driving force behind major scientific advances were the abilities of a few progressive people to dare and think in truly new and unconventional ways.

If researchers are exposed to conditions that are not conducive to open and free thinking, but in turn stifle initiative and independent thinking, this will seriously compromise innovative Science and blunt human progress.

Based on ever strengthening attitudes that appear more prevalent than before, there is a succinct danger and threat that the Scientific Establishment will continue to be far more concerned about protecting their own private interests than in contributing to the better health and welfare of the world and it`s citizens



Energy transfer


An wide spectral range of luminescence was observed in the processed material. The coating glows continuously as long as a light source is present, and acts as a ”molecular band-aid” enabling light emission from the inside casting.

Photon upconversion was observed. The photos above are two millimeters long. Click to Enlarge


Materia Prima (The First Matter)

A semblance of the serpent Ouroboros ingesting its own tail photographed with a camera during one of our experiments. In modern physics, the concept of undetectable dark energy and dark matter are nearly identical to the medieval alchemists ouroboric description of The First Matter.


The pictures to the left. Quantum entangled solitons (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen particle).

The depth is in the order of 1--50 nm. The diameter is about 100 nm.


Spatiotemporal chaos


Rapid changes leading to global rearrangement and redistribution and a wave of change culminated in disorder for both space and time.

 Jets of charged particles in our lab

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Evidence that gravity is governed by quantum mechanics


We have verified the existences of the graviton (the particle that mediates the force of gravity). The preliminary results with the full 2014 data set are magnificent, and to us it is clear that we are dealing with the graviton.

Thorough observation and exhaustive experimentation allowed us to establish conclusions supportive of a viable hypothesis based on the following evidence:


1 ) Meta-material were part of the process.

2 ) Quantum entanglement were part of the process (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen particle).
3) Particles such as photons, electrons, atoms and molecules interact physically and then become separated.

4 ) Semiconductor nanocrystals were part of the process.
5) There were billions, more likely hundreds of billions, of the aforementioned particles involved in the process.
6 ) Super Energy vortexes were part of the process.
7 ) Sub-atomic particles were part of the process.

8 ) Gravitational collapse were part of the process.
9 ) Low Energy Nuclear Reactions were an integral part of the phenomenon.
10 ) Coulomb explosion were part of the process. Subsequent observation and experimentation provided evidence of both crater formation, cylindrical damages zones and new types of alloys.
11 ) Photographic documentation.
12 ) Measured documentation.

13 ) Gravitons can travel between braneworlds.

14 ) This highly evolved genre do not exist in our 3-D world.
15 ) The reseacher collided with another brane in the bulk.

16 ) Two branes at each end: Visible (TeV) and invisible (Planck)

17 ) The researcher's gloved tumb and actual thumb were absolutely undetectable and in fact invisible on the physical plane.

18 ) Mirror-image particles.

19 ) Gravitional interatiction between antimatter and matter.

20 ) Leakage of gravitons from the brane?.

21 ) Multilayer of complex structures meticulously arranged and obeying certain laws.

22 ) We have detect extra dimension by observing gravitons returning from an extra dimension.

1 ) One gravity ”equilibrium”   

2 ) Falling  

3 ) Zero-gravity ”momentarily”

Zero-Gravity Achieved

This lab/experiment had shown that we have successfully managed to manipulate the Earth’s gravity. Gravity on Earth is the factor that determine how flames burn (formation and composition). In zero-gravity or micro-gravity flames burn with a spherical shape instead of the familiar drop shaped flame (tear-like).

This tear-drop shape is due to convection currents which work by displacing air as density (which is proportional to the heat/enthalpy). Because of buoyancy spherical flames are not produced in the Earth’s gravitational field. In zero-gravity or micro-gravity this has no effect as “hot air rises”.


Zero-gravity or micro-gravity was achieved, as evidenced by one of our experiments in the laboratory. Photographic documentation testifies that the teardrop-shaped flame changed shape, and become spherical.


It should be obviously apparent that the enhanced understanding of zero-gravity will provide a key piece of the puzzle which will ultimately provide a lasting solution regarding the worlds onerous energy and material issues.

The indicated demonstration of zero-gravity should be of paramount interest to the world scientific community and merits said community’s unbiased attention and fullest cooperation.


The Mars "Surprise" is Pseudo Science

The alleged watershed on Mars is largely politically motivated pseudoscience with very little verifiable or credible evidence available to substantiate the generally accepted media consensus.


The photograph above reveals evidence that suggest that the observed crater formation in our reactor is the result of single ions, cluster ions and ion "showers".  The diameter of the crater is about thirty µm. Click to Enlarge


The photos above are another piece of evidence supporting our theory that these dark flows "recurring slope lines" (RSL) are electrically excavated features.


Plasma phenomena are scalable which means that both their electrical and physical properties are exactly the same regardless of the plasma size.

Taking into account the obvious, dynamic phenomena take much less time to replicate in a small laboratory plasma experiment then they do in the cosmic scale yet the phenomena are identical because they comply and are in obeisance to the same laws of physics which are applicable to the entire Universe.


There is evidence that indicates that craters on the surface of planets, moon or any solid physical body within the solar system, are not just the result of impacts with meteorites.


There is also evidence that indicates that the "riverbeds" on the Martian surface are electrically excavated features and not the results of any ancient glacial activity.  The Universe is highly electrical in nature.

Protostellar phase in a petri dish

Recent research, in our laboratory revealed a miniaturized protostellar phase in a petri dish.


Our research has been able to duplicate the very same conditions with certain parameters which led to the formation of the stars and planetary systems that are ubiquitous throughout our entire Universe.

Picture number 1 ) A spontaneous formation of distinct jets (high-energy particles) with asymmetrical spiral smoke trail (Karman vortex street). Picture number 2 ) clouds of gas and dust began to collapse under its own gravitational attraction (space-time singularity). N.B. Picture number 2 has a similar appearance to the Helix Nebula, Cats Eye Nebula and the Ring Nebula. Picture number 3 ) A spontaneous formation of filaments and clusters were created in the laboratory similar to what might have actively existed at the biginning of the Universe and exist to this time/day.


The pictures to the left reveals gas and dust that came together to create micro particles which gradually combined and joined other particles thus creating still larger particle clusters. Initially the process was slow but the process accelerated as more matter was drawn towards the centre. There was an exchange, with respect to this matter, which resulted in the formation of dark molecular clouds. Their own gravity pulled these bodies into current spherical shape.

As the waves formed oscillation and rotation was observed. With progression and continuation of the waves, spiral arms (sphere at the bottom) became evident and these arms wind out from the center in a spiral pattern. Each of these bodies possessed its own position within the petri dish. Click to Enlarge

Conflict of Interest Statement

The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.


Quantum Stealth

A breakthrough advancement in Metamaterial has been achieved. The outcome of the experiment demonstrated that our artificial nanostructured cell (superconducting multi-qubit systems) glowed brightly in the researcher's gloved hand. Immediately after the researcher secured that cell, photographic evidence revealed that the gloved thumb and the researcher's thumb became an integral part of the entire cell. The researcher's gloved tumb and his thumb became absolutely indistinguishable and invisible in the physical plane.

Our experiences described in the report entitled ”Xtra Dimensions in our lab" provide undeniable evidence of an unprecedented or previously unknown dimension that became evident to us and we therefore concluded that the experiments had been unique in their character and significant with respect to their many possible positive implications.

Xtra Dimensions in our lab

We are now confronted with a scientific challenge of major proportions.

I, along with others engaged in this research, have diligently concluded and are of the opinion that the visible part of our universe referred to as "brane or branes" are embedded within a larger universe referred to as "bulk" which was predicted in the string theory. We have direct experimental proof that other "branes" are moving through this "bulk".

Scientific evidence below with reference to the slide show reveal the reseacher collided with another brane in the bulk. Only a few seconds constitute the difference in time between the two photo shoots.

The photographs above reveal a spherical cloud that hovers in the air (emission of light) in connection with the operation of the reactor-plant and the nanostructured cell.

The round sphere was two metres in distance from the window. A careful examination of the photograph revealed the round sphere upon the window as a reflective image (at the right side of the photographer).

Upon taking four steps to the right, the researcher crossed into the round spherical cloud wherupon his reflected image on the window changed abruptly and the researcher became an integral part of an unexplained spacelike dimension.


The photograph above reveals multilayer of complex structures (mirror matter) in connection with the operation of the reactor-plant and the nanostructured cell. The structures are meticulously arranged and in accordance with certain physical laws. Click to ZOOM IN



Spontaneous formation of rapidly rotating nano- vortexes and micro-vortexes in the condensate in a state similar to the “Abrikosov vortex lattice” was observed.

The fluid showed superconducting-like properties (quantum fluid). The depth is in the order of 1--500 μm

Super Energy vortexes producing powerful gravitational fields and a rotational flow of sub-atomic particles.


Particles such as photons, electrons, atoms and molecules interact physically and then become separated.

Contained within the vortexes are excited particles, vacuum etc. Whirling mini-maelstroms in the microfluidic vortexes have also been observed.