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Before accessing additional information on this website, after having read the introductory paragraph, I think it is necessary that you, the reader, be familiar with the objectives and motivation involved with respect to this vital work. The first question that you might ask yourself is: Who is the person responsible for this website, as well as the research and what are the primary goals?

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Leif Arnold and I have been working assiduously in the fields of health, the environment and alternative energy for the past twenty years. People have come to know me as a man of unquestionable integrity, principled convictions and resolute determination. I am not afraid to fight for practical and righteous causes and my record speaks for itself.

I sincerely believe that I, along with my colleagues, have created a viable and lasting foundation for a discovery that could dramatically and irrevocably transform, for all time to come, the essential dynamics required and involved toward providing our World with new technologies.

I consider myself to be a inventor, alchemist, physicist and philosopher. My primary focus is to create benefits for the international community through scientific research and advancement which compliments and enhances the human population and is protective toward the environment.

My goal is to restore the balance and the good health of the entire ecosystem. I earnestly believe that this goal is achievable if world society combines new innovation and technology with the enforcement of existing laws. The laws involve the basic right for all life to exist in a healthy environment, the right to maintain vital cycles and processes and exempt them from any human intrusion or alteration, the right to pure water and clean air, the right to contain and if possible eliminate industrial pollution and the right to abolish the practice of genetically modified or altered food being made available to the vulnerable populations of the world. The right to conserve and protect vital wetlands and tropical rain forests should also be a primary objective as well.


Thank you for your time and attention

Leif Arnold CEO Sweden 19 May 2014


Where innovation is our business; Perfection is our ideal.